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Key takeaways from the UNICEF WCARO programme in Mauritania with Akvo, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Water and Sanitation

Watch this webinar to discover the steps needed to set up a CLTS monitoring system at national level. We'll share best M&E practices and lessons learned that will help you effectively and accurately monitor progress, better target communities in need of improved sanitation, and track targets against SDG 6.


Learn how to:

  • Identify your CLTS programme's monitoring steps.
  • Develop a robust M&E strategy and system that will enable you to effectively track, improve and showcase your results.
  • Ensure stakeholder ownership across the board.
  • Collect reliable data at each step and reduce the admin burden.
  • Check data quality on the go and analyse it in real time.
  • Monitor your data over time to make sure change is sustainable.
  • Use your data to better plan your resources and generate impact. 



Emeline Bereziat
Hub manager, Akvo Burkina Faso


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