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Discover how data analytics contributes to better decision making in the development sector

With the growing capacity for NGOs and governments to collect data, the ability to extract value from this data is rising exponentially, too. The emerging field of data analytics has profound potential, from more targeted and inclusive service delivery to greater access to markets. Applying advanced data analytics to development data can reveal patterns that allow better decision making and contribute to new, creative solutions. In this webinar, we share our firsthand experience of using data analytics in development projects, and how this can open up countless possibilities for impact. 

Watch the webinar and discover:

  • What advanced analytics is and how it can be applied to development programmes
  • The different types of data analytics and how they can be used to discover hidden patterns
  • How we applied machine learning to predict waterpoint status in Sierra Leone
  • How we use advanced analytics to improve the income of smallholder farmers with IDH
  • Insights into the current state of data analysis in the development sector
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Meet the speakers


Lars Heemskerk
Data services expert, Akvo


Carmen Wolvius
Data services expert, Akvo

Watch the webinar recording